1. Kaustubh Radkar

    My forte has always been swimming , as a former national swimmer I knew the importance of having a proper stroke . Swimming is relaxing for me , its meditative and also i get a lot of focus on the tasks ahead when I swim . This is a recent video of my swim stroke , I will soon share some essential drills to get you more efficient in the water , stay updated ! #letsdothis #relentless #swimming #coaching # . . .

  2. Yohann Vincent Lifetri

    Le stage insep lifetri paris est termine que de bon moment . Le programme du week end , 6h de nat 4 seances ( educ) 2 seances de 1h de cap , deux seances theoriques et aussi de la recup ( bain chaud bain froid) . L insep est endroit magique . Des infrastructures de haut niveau une terre de champion . Merci aux 8 stagiaires #lifetri #stage #triathlon