1. Worldwide Raw News

    #Repost @rootsconnected with @get_repost ・・・ The White man did not care about black people either , he did not want competition , he just wanted to keep his business . The Chinese were a threat to him , that’s why he exposed them . . The Chinese were using water from unknown sources and just putting an Aquasavana label on it . This illegal activity was happening in a warehouse in Makeni (Zambia . . .

  2. Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project - Zambia

    Working together for Zambian #mining: Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project - Zambia officials and Ministry of Mines staff at Lumwana Mine during a technical visit . The Ministry of Mines frequently visits mines to help them with production report queries and offer support where necessary #Zambia European Union in Zambia Adam Smith International

  3. We must be Free

    Ask questions for a better Zambia . It does not make you political , only a better person , a good Zambian and a great African . If you are neutral in situations of injustice , you have chosen the side of the oppressor . If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral , the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality . Desmond Tutu #DebtConcernsMe #TheyBorrowIpay #Zambia

  4. Fish Farming

    Yesterday , my wife and I were delighted to harvest the fish from our backyard fishpond at State lodge . It reminded us of the simple things we embarked on as a young couple . We have always treasured putting our free time to productive works - no matter how small . I want as many Zambians , both young and old , to join me in popularizing aquaculture or fish farming as a sure way to generate income and . . .