Indigenous Kenyan Starchy Vegetable Stew (Matoke, Nduma, Malenge, Viazi Vitamu) - Jikoni Magic

Kenyans love eating their indigenous vegetable (matoke / green unripe banans , malenge / pumpkin , ngwaci (viazi vitamu) / sweet potatoes , ndumas / arrow roots / taro root. In this video I demonstrate how I combine all these vegetables together in one pot and come up with a very comforting meal. These starchy vegetables are also quite popular for breakfast when boiled with some salt. SUBSCRIBE: Business Inquiries: jikonimagic FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INGREDIENTS: 3 cloves garlic 3 ginger root 3 medium sized potatoes 6 Matoke / green unripe bananas 1 large nduma / arrow root / taro root Malenge / pumpkin (your desired quantity) 2 large carrots 1/2kg beef on bone 1 large onion 2 tomatoes 1 tsp Royco 3Tbsp vegetable oil 1 chili beef cube Freshly cracked black pepper 1 hoho / green bell pepper 1 bunch dhania / coriander