Jennifer Arias: Getting Healthy and Fit

Today was the first day of week three of my lifting and HIIT workout program , so as I always do I will share a little bit of today’s workout and thoughts from the work out with you.... Things about today’s chest / tricep / HIIT /. Ab workout: I increased my weights in All areas except the chest flys. I’m following Joel’s advice. If during a set I can’t finish 10 , I’ll lower it for the next set. Those tricep push ups are killer ! I did 2 sets on my knees but I noticed even then I had terrible form. I then used my bench to make my form better , keeping my elbows squeezed into my rib cage. I felt much better about the last set ! For the HIIT workout I promised myself that I would go full on as long as I could and then modified. I always remind myself that I’m capable of much more than I think ! Energize helps ! Abs: don’t skip the abs ! The entire workout was under 40 minutes so push yourself the entire time ! ! I’ll post my weight tracker below.