Jennifer Grout American Singer Converted Into Islam Masha Allah

US singer Jennifer Grout converts to Islam. ... wash me with your pecious blood . come into my heart and be my lord and savior forever . thank US singer Jennifer Grout converts to Islam. singer Jennifer Grout converts to Islam Though Jennifer Grout , the 23-year-old American singer , doesn’t speak a word of Arabic , she has a rare talent: singing Arabic songs , including Arabic traditional ones , so fluently , so softly and so beautifully. When Grout participated in Arabs Got Talent last year , she was among the top three finalists , with thousands viewing her spine-tingling performances of songs by Umm Kulthoum on YouTube. More recently , a video of a different kind has been drawing attention to Grout — one showing her announcing her conversion to Islam , which was posted online last month. While she has actually converted to Islam , though “unofficially” , Grout told tabloid ! the posted video is not real. “Actually the video that everyone has seen is part of a Moroccan film I made before my performance aired on Arabs Got Talent.” “And I originally was upset , and mostly scared , that it ended up on the internet , because I hadn’t even gotten the chance to tell my family and closest friends about Islam before there were headlines everywhere saying I’d converted. However , now that it’s out there , maybe it’s a positive thing — I am not ashamed of what I believe in , ” she added in an email interview. The posted video shows her declaring , in the presence of two men , the shahada , the declaration of faith that is one of the five pillars of Islam. In the shahada , the person states that “there is no God but Allah and Mohammad [PBUH] is His prophet”. Grout , who lives in Morocco , explained that she has not gone to the mosque to “confirm her conversion with an Imam or get it on paper”. “But I say the shahada from my heart. I have recently started to perform the [five] daily prayers.” She also plans to fast during Ramadan later this year and she