Jesse McPherson - My Little Sister

There was this girl i knew at school everyone made fun of her cuz they didnt think she was cool everyone said she was so ugly and fat gave her weird looks n said wats that it hurts so bad to watch it day 2 day it hurts so bad 2 hear wat every1 has 2 say shes goes home a cries herself 2 sleep when she goes 2 school she dont say a peep every1 hates her but no1 knows why she always wonders wat will happen if i jus died? no1 would miss me , no1 would dare cuz truth is just no1 would care why does this happen 2 her wat did she do? wat if cuz of these ppl her life she will loose she thinks no1 loves her but this aint true but everything ppl say sticks to her like glue no1 thinks about wat there doin to her life they dont know cuz of them she cuts herself wit a knife no1 cares enough 2 look at her wrists all any1 does 2 her is raise a fist the police found her in the bathroom all bloody and dead they found a note on her: 'no1 would miss me no1 would care is wat i said i wanna see the look on ya'll faces , see wat ya'll done yall probally dont even care yall probally havin fun' i went 2 her funeral i could jus cry cuz i really miss her i leaned over n kissed her cold lips , you bitches that was my sister how could yall do this to such a sweet girl why didnt yall like her she was my whole world she didnt do shit 2 yall , jus look at wat yall done she had dreams 2 ya know she wanted a son but now thanks to yall her dreams are crushed she is dead now and yall just kicked her in the dust yall aren't human , ya'll are fvckin monsters i say i will never forgive ya'll not on my best dayJesse McPherson