John Knight - How much do i love you?

How deep my love for you? - Vast oceans deep Man could not forge a craft to plumb its depths. How strong my love for you? - T'woulld make men weep To test its strength and see their strength bereft. How pure my love for you? - Pure as the snow Purer in its innocence than you could ever know. How long my love for you? - Eternity Beyond the end of time my love remains How fresh my love for you? - Modernity A freshness that no flower on Earth attains. How rich my love for you? - Richer than gold Pure gold untarnished , never growing old. Deep , strong and pure my love dear , is sublime Long , fresh and rich my love , you love entwines. This love poem is in pseudo- sonnet form. It is in iambic pentameter (5 x 2 = 10 syllables in a line) and an a b a b c c rhyming pattern. It has flow I hope you all enjoy it ! (John Knight - September 2009) .John Knight