John Mayer - Sept 20th, 2001 - Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA [Full Show]

John Mayer Theatre of the Living Arts Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , USA September 20th , 2001 00:01:18 My Stupid Mouth 00:06:11 Why Georgia 00:12:35 City Love 00:20:32 Great Indoors 00:25:35 Your Body is a Wonderland » ------00:28:40 My Favorite Things [Rogers / Hammerstein II] » ------00:31:09 Your Body is a Wonderland (reprise) 00:33:54 Lenny [Stevie Ray Vaughan] » 00:36:15 The Wind Cries Mary [Jimi Hendrix] » ------00:39:27 Everything Is Not Broken (*) » ------00:41:17 The Wind Cries Mary (reprise) 00:43:04 Message In a Bottle [The Police] 00:50:40 3x5 00:57:28 Love Song For No One 01:02:07 Not Myself » ------01:05:42 We Never Change [Coldplay] 01:07:17 No Such Thing (with " Yearbook " intro) 01:13:47 Back To You 01:19:18 Neon Encores: 01:32:53 Quiet 01:36:28 83 » ------01:42:40 That's all [Genesis] » ------01:43:32 Break My Stride [Matthew Wilder] » ------01:44:03 Wanna Be Starting Something [Michael Jackson] » ------01:44:32 83 (cont.) » ------01:45:14 Electric Avenue [Eddy Grant] » ------01:45:38 Somebody's Watching Me [Rockwell] » ------01:45:50 83 (reprise) UPLOAD NOTE: This bootleg has been in limited circulation for some time. I downloaded it a few years ago from a torrent community and archived it without paying much attention to it. I was somehow convinced this was already on YouTube , but the recent unearth of the Troubadour tape from the same period made me go back to this material and realize what an amazing gem it was: it hasn't been widely available until now (not on YT at least) , A/V quality is stunning and , moreover , it includes (*) another footage take of the rare 'Everything is not Broken'. Props to the original taper who also authored the DVD I've got. I just losslessly ripped it and encoded + deinterlaced it using HandBrake for uploading purposes. Below are the original (relevant) notes from the torrent files with lineage and background info. Unfortunately , I don't have any other info. on who the taper/uploader was. Enjoy ! ORIGI