Jumper - 2 -

“She brought the tea into the living room on a lacquered tray. The pot and cups were Japanese with unglazed rims. She poured. " Thanks , " I said. " Well? " " Huh? " " Your family , " she reminded. I sipped the tea. " This is really good. Really delicious. " She raised her eyebrows. " That's what I thought. You're a good listener , Davy , and you can change the subject on a dime. You've hardly talked about yourself at all. " " I talk... too much. " " You talk about books , you talk about plays , you talk about movies , you talk about places , you talk about food , you talk about current events. You don't talk about yourself. " I opened my mouth , then shut it again. I hadn't really thought about it. Sure , I didn't talk about the jumping , but the rest? " Well , there's not much to say. Not like those stories of growing up with four brothers. " She smiled. " It's not going to work. If you don't want to talk about it , that's fine. But I'm not going to be distracted again , nor fooled into talking about those idiots again. " She poured more tea into my cup. I frowned. " Do I really do that? " " What? Not talk about yourself? Yes. " " No , try and distract you. " She stared at me. " You are fucking amazing. I've never seen someone so good at changing the subject. " " I don't do it on purpose. " She laughed. ” ― Steven Gould