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LEGO 4new Mobile Crane with RC Control and custom modification

Video has also been uploaded to new YouTube channel: MOCpoint: This model is now for sale in my BrickLink store. BrickLink Store Based on Jurgens Technic 4new Ultimate - Drivetrain modified with XL+M motor connected for torque+speed. - Remote control has also been modified. - Using modified 8-pack battery boxes for improved rechargeable battery performance. As 6x Rechargeable Batteries provide 7.2v not 9v. - Removed some panels and boom has some replaced more durable pieces. Motors; - Drive (1x XL 1x M-motor) - Steering(1x M-motor) - Outriggers (1x M-motor) - Outrigger legs (1x M-motor) - Boom Lift(1x L-motor) - Boom Extend (1x L-motor) - Hook (1x M-motor) - 360 degree upper section rotation (1x M-motor) 4x RC (4 channels , 8 independent simultaneous controls) 4x IR v2 Tower 4x Mini Line Actuators 2x Line Actuators 2x Battery boxes with 2 external extra batteries connected