Linda Stitt - Retirement plan

When I am ancient - in a year or two , and they figure I'm only fit for glue , I'll have had the time to think it through and I'll do some things I've been waiting to do. I'll be finicky , crotchety and crabby and I'll sit in the sun with an old grey tabby and a chubby chihuahua on my lap and I'll give no quarter and take no crap. And I'll pull no punches and I won't be kind if it dulls the edge of the yataghan mind which I'll subdivide with my rapier wit and I'll give everybody a piece of it tactless and indiscreet , albeit - the truth according to how I see it , with instructions on how the world should run and almost everything ought to be done. And no one will ever dare talk back for fear it might give me a heart attack. But I'll be a wise and tough old bird with a stubborn insistence on being heard and I'll stay around until I'm finished with all my faculties undiminished and my eyes will be clear and my hands will be steady and I'll die when I'm damn good and ready.Linda Stitt