Luigi Tonet - Molodoy Volkodav: Episodes Nos. 6 e 7 - Russian adventure fantasy TV series

Molodoy Volkodav is a 2006-2007 Russian adventure fantasy TV series , a prequel of Wolfhound. Series was loosely based on the novels by Maria Semyonova about Wolfhound's young life. Music by: Luigi Tonet copyright: Idyllium Music Publishing Storyline Two boys from the Gray Hound village , the best friends Wolfhound and Wolf Pup , are given a prophecy: one of them will become a great warrior and kill the other. When their village is attacked by its enemy , the Segvan tribe , the Segvans' leader , Cannibal , kills Wolfhound's parents. Wolfhound and Wolf Pup are sold into slavery and forced to work in the mines. There , the boys are separated. Wolfhound is sent deep underground , and Wolf Pup is taken on by the guards. Wolfhound , having lost his friend , dreams of freedom and avenging his parents' death. Meanwhile , the prophecy begins to reach fulfillment.Subscribe now and never miss a video: the most beautiful pages of classical music on ClassicalExperience. Thousands of classical videos; Classical masterpieces remastered; Interviews & documentaries; All of the greats revisited by new artists on the rise. " " Follow Classical Experience on :o Facebook = Deezer = Spotify =