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DisneyToysReview the toy channel presents another toy unboxing video: Matchbox on a mission Dino Trapper Trailer. For more details on this play set or to purchase click here: Today we see two different Matchbox on a mission sets one which we will be opening soon. But today we are playing with the Dino Trapper Trailer ! This set comes with a huge T-rex whose eyes light up red and he makes all sorts of dinosaur roars when the button on his back is pushed. This set also comes with a matchbox truck and trailer. The truck can shoot three tranquilizer darts and if you hit the dinosaur in the right place he falls to the ground ! He also comes with a tracking collar that also has a way to use a wench to pull the dinosaur onto the trailer. There is a chain to hold him tight in case he wakes up along the way. Now we can move him to another place ! Subscribe here: Lets play with cars , planes and more PlayDoh - trucks , cars , bulldozers Watch the Mighty Machines playlist: Mighty Wheels Excavator loads a dump truck with dirt - Bulldozer moves dirt by DisneyToysReview Playdoh CAT Excavator Mighty Machines - Job Site Machine Set - Mighty Wheels by DisneyToysReview Thanks for watching another toy review from DisneyToysReview. At Disney Toys Review we strive to bring videos with the latest toys from the Disney and Pixar s. Our channel also has lots of fun playdoh kids videos. Heres how Play Doh is called in other languages: Clay , Playdough , Play-Doh , pâte à modeler , Plasticine , Plastilina , Plastiline , 橡皮泥 , 橡皮泥 , プラスティシーン , plasticina , massa , пластилин , modellera , пластилін , Crayola , Massinhas de modelar. So , stay tuned for fun toys , toyz , juegos , jouets , carz , car toyz , logger and truck toys for boys and girls. Subscribe to my channel where I review Diggin Rigs Trash Tossin Rowdy the Garbage Truck cleaning trash in Radiator Springs assisted by Lightning McQueen , Mater and Chomper The Excavator With Buster the Power Cran