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Meet RoboSimian, NASA JPLs Ape-Like Robot!

NASA JPLs RoboSimian robot stood out at the DARPA Robotics Challenge as one of the few non-humanoid designs. The use of four versatile limbs allows it to adapt to the test scenario in ways that would be difficult for a bipedal robot. We chat with Katie Byl of the UC Santa Barbara Robotics Lab , whose team programmed RoboSimian , to learn about the advantages of a quadruped design and how RoboSimian may be utilized in complex environments like being underground or even in space ! Shot and edited by Joey Fameli Find out more about RoboSimian here: Find out more about the UCSB Robotics Lab here: Subscribe for more videos ! Follow us on Twitter: Get updates on Facebook: Tested is: Norman Chan Will Smith Joey Fameli Adam Savage Jamie Hyneman Thanks for watching !