Moon and Kim engage in one-on-one talks before summit agreement signing

One of the most intriguing parts of the inter-Korean summit day was in the late afternoon when the two leaders took part in a tree-planting ceremony and went for a walk along a nearby footbridge.The cameras were focused on Moon and Kim as they were locked in conversation for a good half-an-hour , ... providing us a glimpse of what normally happens behind closed doors. Kwon Jang-ho reports. First on the agenda in the afternoon was the planting of a commemorative tree.Shortly before 4-thirty PM , President Moon Jae-in emerged from the Peace House at Panmunjom.He eschewed the red carpet and motorcade and walked to the tree with his advisors.Meanwhile Kim Jong-un , turned up in a black limousine with his security personnel running alongside. After another quick handshake , the two leaders each picked up a shovel , and completed the planting of a pine tree , with soil from Baekdu mountain in North Korea and from Halla mountain on South Korea's Jeju Island.Pine trees hold an auspicious place in Korean history , representing peace and prosperity , and this one itself was originally sown in 1953 , the year that hostilities ended in the Korean War. Kim offered a few comments , before they continued to water the tree , again with water from rivers in the Koreas.A monument commemorating the occasion was unveiled , with the words , " Here we plant peace and prosperity. " Then they took a short stroll towards a footbridge , where they looked at an old signpost that marked the Military Demarcation Line , before they sat down together a table. The cameramen that had followed them were shoo-ed away , before they engaged in talks lasting some 30 minutes.This was the opportunity for the two leaders to have a frank discussion , away from other officials and the press.What did they leaders talk about? That , we may never know. The two leaders then walked back to the Peace House to continue their afternoon summit talks.Kwon Jang-ho , Arirang News.