NASA PREPARING FOR SOMETHING? WATCH THIS VIDEO. STS-135 Armored Personnel Carrier Training Video

This video shows the crew of STS-135 training on the TCDT M113 Armored Carrier Military Vehicle. It may look like a fun ride but NASA has other plans for the future of our nation and the safety of our people. Although the mission was authorized it initially had no appropriation in the NASA budget raising questions about whether the mission would fly. On 20 January 2011 program managers changed STS-335 to STS-135 on the flight manifest. This allowed for training and other mission specific preparations.[8] On 13 February 2011 program managers told their workforce that STS-135 would fly regardless of the funding situation via a continuing resolution.[9] Until this point there had been no official references to the STS-135 mission in NASA official documentation for the general public