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Taking a boat trip with Nitrate , visiting from Zurich , Switzerland , Going to; Red Light Radio , where she plays a one hour set: (Nitrate Set Start At 1:32:00) Amsterdam Live Made By Amsterdam People Only 😍 Please Subscribe YourSelf , Thank You Very much. All Amsterdam Live Video's : Amsterdam Live goes regularly on the road or boat to make spontaneous live events in town. Over the years millions of people have visited our city because its beauty and peace. In one click you will be part of a live gallery opening , live festivals , live nightlife and as well live museums and daily happenings , after a live stream , video's will be uploaded within 24hour in our video list....(click the Amsterdam live logo) We love your feedback ! Let us know in comments below what you would like to see and believe it or not , for us anything is possible. The Live Stream and Video Art Project is an amateur project , so please , take it like that. We do our best to make the best. SUBSCRIBE YOURSELF To Stay Updated With Live Streams And New Uploads.