Oculus founder apologises to VR fans over Rift price

Palmer Luckey , the founder of virtual Reality business Oculus VR , has apologised for misleading consumers in September when claiming the Oculus Rift would be priced in the " ballpark " of $350.Luckey confessed that when he was making such estimates about the Oculus Rift price being close to $350 , it was known to him internally that the price would be closer to $600.It appears that his explanation for misleading people was a means to counter another falsehood , that the Oculus Rift would cost somewhere close to $1 , 500.On Wednesday Luckey's team opened pre-orders on the Oculus Rift consumer model , revealing the device's final $600 price tag.The first batch sold out in minutes.Luckey said the price was " obscenely cheap " considering the technology packaged in each device , and claimed that each unit sells at a loss.