ONEHALF: The Importance and Necessity of Virtual Assistants in Australia | VAs are in demand in business. Onehalf can help you get one. Transcript: Australian businessmen and entrepreneurs could accomplish more by doing less. By doing less , it means doing more of the vital business activities , and shifting the trivial tasks to another- a Virtual Assistant (VA). Do not hesitate to delegate As admirable as it is to believe that one can do anything , one , however , cannot do everything. This holds true , business-wise. Recent research shows that multitasking hinders productivity , constant task shifting means constant attention shifting which stresses the brain and , thus , slowing output. Being in control does not guarantee an increase in profits; the delegation of the simple tasks may prove more valuable in terms of economy and efficiency. The more time one spends accessing emails , scheduling appointments , entering data , answering calls , researching , organizing files- the bulk of clerical work- the more he or she strays from the core business operations. When one delegate said minor tasks to the VA , the focus can be concentrated on the main reasons for starting and growing the business. That means more time for closing deals , attending meetings , conceptualizing business strategies and yielding profits. Apply the Pareto Principle The Pareto Principle , or the 80/20 rule , states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. As applied to business , only 20% of business activities produce 80% of the profits. It is imperative , therefore , that the vital 20% be determined and focused by the employers as this can spell the difference between quotas reached and quotas exceeded. Employers can entrust the repetitive and clerical tasks , tasks that are not contributory to the vital 20% , to a VA. Increased productivity may thus be expected as attention is concentrated towards the core business operations. Cut Costs The hiring of VAs also results in costs being cut , both in terms of fin