Payday The Heist Gameplay - Let's Play - #4 (Abandoned!) - [60 FPS]

Payday The Heist , the winner of the previous vote on the poll ! Playing as a criminal , Aiman team up with his friends to get the counterfeit plates from the uh-mm unattractive guy. Can they succeed? ! ► My Amazing Friends ! ➜ Daniyeahipod➜ LolDeathGames➜ Samurai Plays► Facebook Page ➜► Twitter Page ➜► Google+ Page ➜► Vote for the games you want me to play ➜► Music(s) used :-➜ Rude Boy by Roberto Rizzo➜ Benny Hill Theme Song (Yakety Sax) by Boots Randolph➜ Drama In Heaven 3 by Anders Mörlin► Used with permission from Epidemic Sounds➜ God Damn It's A Nice Day by NegaRen➜ Want to get partnered? Sign up for YTGamers ! They offer :- NO LOCK IN Contracts- 70% Revenue Share- Wide variety of musics- And more ! ➜ Click here to apply ! :-