Perfectionist - Maria Qureshi (Differently Abled Woman) - Part 2/2

Feature Documentary Film with English Subtitles: We have produced a series of five different feature documentaries which is focusing only marginalised women from different segments of Pakistani society. Actually we want to give them a tribute and sensitize Pakistani conservative society that they are also vital part of Pakistan and they are contributing equally like other women in the progress of Pakistan. In this regard we selected women from sports , education , bureaucracy , politics and from differently able section , who achieved a lot in spite of facing so many discriminations. Moreover they are tolerating such hurdles and positively and selflessly contributing their input for making Pakistan great. Our main objective is to mainstream Pakistani marginalised women (Non-Muslims & Physically Challenged but Talented Women) and to make Pakistan’s society balanced , inclusive , stable and pluralist. The overall objective of our films is to contribute to the realisation of equal citizenship through women’s empowerment and active participation in public life. *Moreover we have to shoot/ record the whole documentary's stuff within one day due to lack of time/ resources.