Physically IMPOSSIBLE to deport 250,000 failed asylum seekers says Angela Merkel ally Kalergi Plan

Something I've been speaking off from time to time , but why would the European Union want to bring in so many immigrants in the first place? Are there some historical background or ideological one? The answer to that is: " Yes , there is. " Forgot to mention in Kalergi plan , in the Bible Old testament third Mosebok (Leviticus 18:3 I think it is) It talks about how to procreate , it's very anti inbreeding or in other words having incest and in my Swedish translated book it spoke of having children with immigrants (The word used in Swedish translation was Invandrare , not the more modern term of immigrant) etc.. However if Kalergi was inspired by this piece and molded his views he may have been taking it on too literally as Globalization was not part of their time + at this time people were very racist/xenophobic from my understanding. Anyway this is a malevolent Eugenics plot and cannot be ignored , if we stay ignorant then the Great Replacement will come into fruition. Swedish YouTube Channel: Follow me on twitter for honest statements & and sharing: @Azarelius Follow me on gag for more seldom sharing: Wish to contact me? Try send mail to: azareliusdystopia Blog Website: - Flames shall rise , ash will remain.