PM Modi pushes for Nationalist agenda with the appointment of Deputy NSA Rajinder Khanna | Oneindia

With the appointment of former R&AW chief Rajinder Khanna as the Deputy National Security Adviser PM Modi has futher pushed his agenda of Nation first. his is for the first time that both the National Security Advisor and the Deputy NSA are from the intelligence. The NSA , Ajit Doval retired as the chief of the Intelligence Bureau. Having an NSA with a foreign affairs background had not helped as the nuances of policing could not be understood. However , by appointing two intelligence officers as the NSA and Deputy NSA , it is a clear signal that Modi wants to push the nationalist agenda further. The appointment of Khanna as the Deputy NSA only goes on to show that Modi's topmost priority remains internal security. Khanna brings to the table lots of experience. He has led several counter-terror operations and is an expert on Pakistan and Islamic terrorism.