prathap suthan - maybe

maybe it made adam walk a bit taller it made ulysses perhaps more cunning it made socrates find wisdom in ethics it made galileo peer deeper into space it made magellan explore unknown seas it made da vinci come through as eternal it made darwin add a tail to mankind it made shakespeare quill those classics it made ivan more terrible when he raged it made marx look a true Marxist it made lincoln extra presidential it made crusoe live among coconut islands it made alexander ring more than a bell it made brahms discover genius inside piano it made buffalo bill a deathless legend it made che guevara define revolutionary it made lennon definitely imagine maybe it makes castro photogenic with his cigar it makes rogers anything but a coward it makes spielberg an extraordinary terrestrial and then I wonder maybe my straggly beard alone isn’t enough to get me into the list of great men with beards.prathap suthan