premji premji - (048) Love

My tent , she stood like a mountain peak: an embodiment of human pride ! Poor sandstorms hated her always as they couldn't hurt ! Axis of earth was her central pillar ! Lovely clouds- multi-coloured - were tarpaulins ! While dwelling peacefully there , my eyes picked up the weariness in your eyes... You: a lone camel , scorched by out broken sandstorms... The agony in you eyes: an auger worm which pierced my heart , bruised my soul ! As I had fallen for your outpourings , first your silent head entered in. Then the same Arab's tale ! My turban flew in tempest , sand on eyes , ears and lungs... Hot touch of molten sand blisters ! When carried away in a heat wave , just one moment our eyes met ! O It was you: an intruder I never expected , a tenant never intend to vacate ! Now I wander like a gypsy , don't know how to squander life or end it ! Pity ! 07.07.98premji premji