REEMO (BalconyTV)

Formed in 2003 by Steven Connolly and then guitarist David Reardon , Reemo have come along way since their first demo. A new double AA single has just been released to both critical and commercial success and a now confident Reemo are ready to take on the world. Since heading Stateside and having won 'Best International Band' at the New York International Music Festival , the band are been taken seriously with the music industry. The 2005 'Music Box' EP confirmed this with the band receiving extensive National and local airplay in Ireland. 'Superman' and 'Circus' becoming favourites of one National broadcaster. Reemo comprises of Steven Connolly (Vocals) , Paul McGlue (Lead Guitar) , Conleth Dunne (Bass Guitar) and Alan Connolly (Percussion). Here Reemo perform 'Russian Man' Reemo headline Dublins Sugar Club this Friday. Presented by Tom Millett.