BALCONYTV.COM'Like' us on Facebook -'Follow' us on Twitter - MARIA - DAYS IN THE CITYPRESENTED BY Florian LaczkovicsFor 7 years Robby Maria has been wandering the world , leading the life of a true bohemian from LosAngeles to Kathmandu. He spent 2 years with a native tribe in the South American jungle to finallyfollow the advice of the Shaman and focus on his musical talents facing the demands in a modernworld.With his return to Europes' leading city in music & contemporary arts , Berlin , Robby started a mostpeculiar career in todays' music industry signing up with the german independent label Timezone.With METROPOLIS he delivers his second full length Album within 11 months & keeps spreading theword of his selftitled " Apocalyptic Folk Music " by heavily touring.Still an underground artist , we'd like you to take notice of Robby Maria as a very gifted young manwhose music does not make any compromises at all but remains true to the muses.www.robbymaria.comTune in again to BalconyTV //