RUSH: Trump had a fairly decent answer to Hugh Hewitt’s questions and it’s not going to hurt him

Rush Limbaugh talked about the Hugh Hewitt interview with Donald Trump today on his radio show and basically said that Trump had a fairly decent answer to Hewitt’s questions about the names of the terrorist organizations in the Middle East. And because of that and the fact that both Reagan and Bush had a similar problem and were both elected twice , he really doesn’t think this is going to hurt Trump at all. Note: There’s a portion near the bottom of the transcript that I didn’t get the audio of and it’s ‘one more theory’ Rush say she has on this. You can read it if you wish. I’ll note where it begins with ***. Transcript via Rush Limbaugh: RUSH: Okay , let’s get… First , I think probably what everybody here wants some clarification on — or at least some analysis of or explanation of or discussion of — is Trump and his inability to identify certain names thrown at him on the radio , names of Al-Qaeda leaders , Hamas , Hezbollah , Iranian Quds Force leaders and so forth. It’s real simple here , folks , and I guess I should address this to the Republican establishment and like-minded. If you think this is going to harm Trump with his supporters , it won’t. It didn’t hurt George W. Bush when he was unable to do the same. It didn’t hurt Ronaldus Magnus when he was unable to do the same thing. But it specifically isn’t gonna hurt Trump’s people because Trump , A , had a fairly decent answer. (summarized) “It doesn’t matter. These guys are all gonna be gone by the time I’m elected.” But , anyway , that’s not the point. I want to get some historical perspective. Let’s start here first off with what Trump said. This was on the Hugh Hewitt show last night. He’s interviewing Trump. This guy Hewitt , by the way , is one of the CNN moderators. He is the conservative Republican moderator CNN has chosen. He used to be in the Reagan White House. He’s a graduate of Harvard. Solid guy , nice guy. No problem with Hugh Hewitt. He has his own tec