Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt To Enter BIGG BOSS 9 HOUSE | Weekend Special

Well Salman Khan is always up with surprises on Bigg Boss and he loves keeping his contestants on tenterhooks. The viewers switch on the show mainly for watching Salman and also for keeping tabs on the contestants. But what better treat than to have a new guest in the Bigg Boss house ? And this time apparently it is gonna be Shahid and Alia in promotion of theirmovie Shaandaar. The couple are indeed cute and they have a lot more than just films to discuss with us. They show their camaraderie and we are loving Shahid’s penchant for teasing Alia with Sid. In fact he calls it Sid marketing. So the Bigg Boss house would have the Jodi in action and aren’t we waiting to see them on the show? With Salman in tow , the episode would be a stealer obviously.