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Shesh Theke Shuru - শেষ থেকে শুরু - 2nd May 2014 - Full Episode

" Panchayat calls for Amrish , where Mukul was already present for the land sale. Amrish informs that he had already said no to the deal. And he goes back home , where his guruji comes. Mukul also visits Amrish's home at that time and gets eye struck with Poymonti. Stay tuned to this whole episode.Poymanti , inspite of her name which means lucky , was considered bad luck since birth. Her family members detest her as much as the villagers. However , she gets married to Mukul Deb Barman , a rich man , who falls in love with her on a visit to the village. Her mother-in-law rechristens her Sabitri " " . She is treated well by all except Sumana "