Step out of “I” and “mine” feelings - annihilate them in the fire of “Who am I Self-inquiry”.(Pt-1).

Title: Step out of “I” and “mine” feelings and annihilate them in the fire of “Who am I Self-inquiry”. (English) (Part-1). Self – realization is the sole purpose of human birth. For realizing one’s “TRUE SELF” one need not renounce anything , but one has to (1) always listen to Satsangs , with the clarity attained (2) doing “Self–inquiry” 24 x 7 throughout his waking-state and experimenting at least twice in a day with a (3) relevant Meditational practice. Except these there is no other way. மனம் சுய அறிவு , சுய ஒளியின்றி இயந்திர கதியுடன் தன்னையும் , உலகத்தையும் சதா எடை போட்டுக் கொண்டே இருக்கும். Mind without original intelligence , original light of its own , mechanically measures one’s self and the World constantly. Please watch , like , share and subscribe to our channel to get updated with our latest satsangs. Visit , and find a media library containing hundreds of satsangs You can also find us on: Facebook Google + Twitter Tumblr Wordpress (300816 step out of I eng P1 full)