Stop Motion Lego Duplo My First Cars and Trucks Toys for Kids Fire Truck Crane & Tanker

DisneyToysReview the toy channel presents another toy unboxing video: Lego Duplo My First Cars and Trucks set Today we unbox the Lego Duplo My First Cars and Trucks set ! This set gives us lots of tiles in order to build several different cars and trucks including several mighty machines ! You can build a dump truck , fire truck , tanker truck , a couple cars and so much more ! This set also comes with a stoplight , a water pump , a hose and a crane ! Subscribe here: Lets play with cars , planes and more PlayDoh - trucks , cars , bulldozers Watch the Mighty Machines playlist: Mighty Wheels Excavator loads a dump truck with dirt - Bulldozer moves dirt by DisneyToysReview Tonka Monster Garbage Crusher - Hero Mashers Spiderman Ironman Transformers Optimus Prime Just Kidz Construction Vehicles Mighty Machines - Bulldozer Excavator Dump Truck Sand Play Playdoh CAT Excavator Mighty Machines - Job Site Machine Set - Mighty Wheels by DisneyToysReview The Good Dinosaur Butchs Pack - Lot of Dinosaur Toys for Kids - Juguetes de Dinosaurios Thanks for watching another toy review from DisneyToysReview. At Disney Toys Review we strive to bring videos with the latest construction vehicles toys. Heres how Toys are called in other languages: juegos , juguetes , giocattoli , spielwaren , brinquedos , carrinhos , spielsachen , leker , spielzeug , jouets , speelgoed , 玩具 , leksaker , खिलौने , игрушки , đồ chơi , oyuncaklar , zabawki , bréagáin , Παιχνίδια , トイズ , 장난감 , ġugarelli , hračky , іграшки. Here are some facts about our favorite mighty machines: A haul truck has the largest pay load capacity even larger than a dump truck. The larger haul truck is also called an ULTRA CLASS TRUCK. These Mighty Wheels have giant diesel generators that generate electricity that powers up large electric motors that drive the rear wheels. Haul trucks are engineered to work in mines , quarries and heavy duty construction applications. They are off roa