Students Given a 23-Hour Exam By Drunk Teacher

Students Given a 23-Hour Exam By Drunk Teacher - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Kazan University students in Russia were constrained in class for 23 hours straight; even restricted from using the bathroom. While the university claims long , oral exams are part of the course , students say they believe the lecturer was intoxicated during the 23-hour exam. The school denies the allegations but classmates persist; one student claims the lecturer stunk of alcohol while another states ‘The lecturer would go into another room , drink , come back and start telling us about her business.’ The oral exam occurred on June 26 , beginning at 10 in the morning , dragging on until 9 the next morning. Several months ago , Anne Wampole , a Florida special ed. teacher was caught drunk on the job. The assistant principal visited the classroom to find Wampole banging on a door and immediately smelled alcohol on the teacher’s breath. Similarly , a California elementary school teacher was reportedly drunk while teaching her 3rd grade students. School officials noticed that the teacher appeared drunk and called police leading to an investigation of possible child endangerment charges.