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t's 'Modi-Style' 3D Promotion For Salman And Shahrukh !

Looks like Bollywood is all set to get Modi-fied ! Wondering what are we talking about?Well , top guns like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are set to follow in the PM-hopeful's footsteps by going 3D. Now that the campaign part of the Indian Political League has got over , the men behind the 3D hologram are set to take the dream merchants places. Yes ! And we mean , literally ! According to film director Mani Shankar , an A-lister can at best go to 10 to 12 cities before the release of his or her movie. Now with 3D holography , he or she can go to 500 cities at the same time. Red Chillies Entertainment has already contacted Shankar to promote Happy New Year and Salman is also likely to come on board for Kick. What's more? Atleast four individuals can be seen together at the same time on the 3D screen , unlike a politician who usually delivers the speech alone. Whhooaaa ! Now this seems like a perfect Modi-fied strategy , hai na?