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The Adventures of Chris Fable Trailer

(Long Synopsis) " This action-packed , fantasy-fueled family adventure – inspired by the revered literary Christian classic , The Pilgrim’s Progress – overflows with outrageous characters , special effects … and a moral message. In The Wylds , young Chris (Solomon Ray) is a runaway living with a group of other misfit kids in a junkyard , all under the watchful eye of a Dickens-esque character who forces them to steal to survive. When Chris is caught pilfering at a church , the pastor protects him from the police , then challenges him to find his estranged father. Chris bravely chooses to leave his family of thieves and ventures into the wilderness in search of a better life. Traveling through a post-apocalyptic future – his only hope lies in reaching a heavenly paradise that will surpass his wildest dreams – he outwits bandits , escapes swamp monsters , battles evil robots and learns valuable life lessons about choosing the right path. "