THE BLASTERS - LIVE 1986 - "Rock And Roll Will Stand"

The Blasters are a rock and roll band formed in 1978 in Downey , California , by brothers Phil Alvin (vocals and guitar) and Dave Alvin (guitar) , with bass guitarist John Bazz and drummer Bill Bateman. Phil Alvin explained the origin of the band's name: " I thought Joe Turner’s backup band on his Atlantic records–I had these 78s–I thought they were the Blues Blasters. That ends up it was Jimmy McCracklin. I just took the 'Blues' off and Joe finally told me , that’s Jimmy McCracklin’s name , but you tell ‘im I gave you permission to steal it [laughs] " Their self-described " American Music " was a blend of , rockabilly , early rock and roll , punk rock , mountain music , and rhythm and blues. They have a devoted fan base and have received largely positive critical reviews , but have earned only limited mainstream success. Critic Mark Deming wrote of them , " the Blasters displayed a wide-ranging musical styles [and] were a supremely tight and tactful band with enough fire , smarts , and passion for two or three groups. "