The Buffalo Skinners - Bootleg Cassette VOL: 2 - Dolans, Limerick

VOL 2 of our Bootleg style recordings of another great show as part of the Big Country Irish Fans Event In Dolans Limerick , This recording contains the first hour of our live show while other videos can be found on our page and Facebook For more info Instagram/thebuffaloskinners_offical Thebuffaloskinnerz 0:36 Harvest Home 3:35 Inwards 7:45 Peace in our time 12:15 Fields of fire 17:10 Everything I need 21:35 The Storm 25:57 Lost Patrol 30:45 You Dreamer 35:35 Somebody Else 39:29 Your spirit to me 45:07 Thirteen Valleys 49:23 We're not in kansas 55:11 Porrohman 1:01:00 Where the rose are sowen 1:06:15 The buffalo skinners