The Dumbest Prison Escape Attempts Ever

These prisoners attempted some of the dumbest prison escape or break attempts that were ever tried. Prison break has nothing on these prisoners , or does it.? Subscribe to World5List Find us on. -- -- The thought of going to prison isnt exly the most soothing thing in the world. Being told when to sleep , when to wake up , when you can eat.. and then trying to determine what youre eating while watching your back and hoping you dont take a shank in the kidney. We start easy with the story of James Russell who was spending some time away from home in the Olympic Corrections center in Washington. Russell decided he wasnt happy with his accommodations any more and that he would get out of the minimum security facility with no more than a mild plan to borrow a phone from the first person he came across. Maybe Russell would have had more success had he implemented the plan of Kenneth Burnum , but then again.. maybe not. Kenneth Burnum decided his best bet for getting out of jail was to impersonate someone else. The only problem is that the person he chose to be was black. Andrew joseph Wilson is another high IQ inmate on our list as his escape attempt defies all logic and intelligence. Wilson was sentenced to only 20 days in the slammer for his crimes of burglary , theft. But prisoners arent only this dumb in America , the stupidity spreads all across the world.. like one now infamous prisoner in Brazil who got stuck in a hole in the wall while trying to make his escape. Now most people who plan to tunnel out or get out via a small opening would spend weeks planning , digging , and ultimately trying to lose weight to make sure that their plan went off without any issues. But one unfortunate prisoner out of a gang of four had obviously been hitting the commissary a little too hard as on his attempt through the hole , he got stuck. Ranking high on our list of top prison escape s of all time is the shawshank redemption in which tim robbins delivers a highly regarded and epic p