The Moon for Kids - Learning the Moon | Educational Video for Children

Happy Learning is channel for kids. Here they can find educational videos with which they can learn and have fun. We have two playlist , the first one is for toddlers and the second is for children a little bit older; ▶ PreSchool Playlist: ▶ Educational Videos: ▶ SUBSCRIBE HAPPY LEARNING ! The Moon and the Earth Hello friends , welcome to a new video from Happy Learning. Today we are going to learn about… the Moon. The Moon is the only satellite that rotates around our planet and it takes 28 days to completely go around the Earth. But , do we now what a satellite is? A natural satellite is any kind of celestial body that rotates , or ually , orbits around a planet. The Moon is never still , it moves and in two ways. It has a movement of rotation , which means it turns in its own axis , and a movement of translation , that is to say , it rotates around the Earth. The duration of the movement of rotation and translation is 28 days. Because it takes the same amount to rotate on its own axis and to completely go around the Earth , the Moon always shows us the same face. When we observe the Moon along a period of time it appears to change shape. These changes in appearance are called lunar phases and they repeat every 28 days. There are four: full Moon , first quarter , new Moon and last quarter. The Moon phases are produced by two reasons: the movement of the Moon around the Earth and because the Moon reflects light form the sun as a mirror. New Moon In this phase the Moon is passing between the Earth and the Sun. The illuminated face of the Moon is facing the opposite direction to Earth. The dark side ends up facing the Earth , and this is why we cannot see the Moon. First Quarter You can see it approximately one week after the new Moon. One half of the illuminated side faces the Earth. It is called the first quarter because , from the new Moon phase , the zone illuminated by the sun grows every time. Full Moon Approximately a week after the first quarter , we can