The One Reborn Bloodborne boss fight Big and ugly beast with a chorus of witches

Tips: kill 6 witches first prior to the boss fight. Find the way upstairs and kill 3 witches on one side , later use skybridge and kill 3 witches on another side. Do drop from above strong attack on The One Reborn boss - very effective. Avade blood vomit and try to find some space between his small spider-like legs - he will use these legs to push you away. Weapon used: Kirkhammer level 9. Player level is around 65-67. Reward: Yellow Backbone. Good luck and Have a nice game ! Bloodborne The One Reborn fight. Bloodborne The One Reborn fight tips. I am Alex68 , my channel gaming and fun alex68acmp: Watch more of Bloodborne: 1st boss: Bloodborne Cleric Fight: 2nd boss: Father Gascoigne: 3rd boss: Blood-starved Beast: 4th boss: Vicar Amelia: 5th boss: The Witch of Hemwick: 6th boss: Shadow of Yharnam: 7th boss: Rom , The Vacuous Spider: 8th boss: Celestial Emissary: 9th boss: DarkBeast Paarl: 10th boss: Ebrietas Daughter of the Cosmos: