Thomas Moore - Oh! Think Not My Spirits Are Always As Light

Oh ! think not my spirits are always as light , And as free from a pang as they seem to you now , Nor expect that the heart-beaming smile of to-night Will return with to-morrow to brighten my brow. No: -- life is a waste of wearisome hours , Which seldom the rose of enjoyment adorns; And the heart that is soonest awake to the flowers , Is always the first to be touch'd by the thorns. But send round the bowl , and be happy awhile -- May we never meet worse , in our pilgrimage here , Than the tear that enjoyment may gild with a smile , And the smile that compassion can turn to a tear. The thread of our life would be dark , Heaven knows If it were not with friendship and love intertwined; And I care not how soon I may sink to repose , When these blessing shall cease to be dear to my mind. But they who have loved the fondest , the purest , Too often have wept o'er the dream they believed; And the heart that has slumber'd in friendship securest Is happy indeed if 'twas never deceived. But send round the bowl; while a relic of truth Is in man or in woman , this prayer shall be mine , -- That the sunshine of love may illumine our youth , And the moonlight of friendship console our decline.Thomas Moore