Two Koreas to hold reunion of families separated by war

The Panmunjom Declaration signed and sealed on Friday by the leaders of the Koreas also gives fresh hope to families separated by the Korean War... that they can be reunited as soon as possible.The first one is planned for August , ... but it can't come fast enough for the families ripped apart for several decades.Our Hwang Hojun reports on how a solution was reached one of the saddest aspects of the long-held ill will between the two Koreas.For those who have been separated from their loved ones for more than half a century , ... it was an announcement that couldn't have come soon enough.The " Panmunjom Declaration , " the joint agreement reached Friday by South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un... stipulates that the two Koreas will cooperate to swiftly resolve humanitarian issues resulted from the division of the nation.In other words , Seoul and Pyongyang will seek to resolve issues regarding the reunion of separated families by convening an Inter-Korean Red Cross Meeting. " Before it's too late , separated families will start to meet up , visit their hometowns , and exchange letters. " The earliest reunion will take place this coming August 15th , which is the National Liberation Day or Gwangbokjeol.The two Koreas also agreed to actively implement the projects previously stipulated in past inter-Korean agreements to promote a balanced economic growth and co-prosperity.To start it all off , the two sides agreed to adopt practical steps to link and modernize railways and roads between them on the eastern side of the peninsula as well as between Seoul and the city of Sinuiju in the northwest of North Korea.Along with these agreements , ... the two Koreas also decided to set up a permanent joint communication office in the North Korean city of Gaesong , ... in addition to the two existing liaison offices located on each side of the border.The move , ... is expected to prevent miscommunications from hampering inter-Korean ties from here on and help accelerat