UK to Reportedly Pay Over £50B on “Brexit Bill” - The EU and UK have reportedly reached a deal on the so-called “Brexit bill.”A senior EU official told the Guardian that the UK seemed ready to honor its share of the EU’s unpaid bills accumulated over 44 years of membership , which include loans , pensions , and other liabilities.The final sum would be 53 to 58 billion pounds.A UK government source said that with negotiations still going on there would be no comment yet on specific figures and that those being cited currently seemed “speculative.” This reported agreement is seen as an important breakthrough in Brexit negotiations and precedes an important meeting next week between UK Prime Minister Theresa May and the European Commission President , Jean-Claude Juncker. There are still many questions that need to be addressed by the UK , including the question about the border on the island of Ireland. However , at the EU summit next month , the UK hopes to begin the next phase of talks on future trade ties.