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Creatine . . Despite being the most studied supplement we have out there , the fear mongering around creatine is insane. . . Myths . . 1- No creatine is not bad for your kidneys , despite what Cosmo or whatever other stupid source told you , none of the studies show kidney issues. 2- Does creatine cause cramping - Simple answer…No 3- Does creatine cause you to hold water? Creatine draws water into muscle cells. This aids in performance , ergot not a bad thing. 4 - Does creatine cause Rhadbo? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 5 - Does creatine cause muscle tearing? - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 6 - Creatine is unsafe for women… again FALSE. . . Benefits . . 1 - Creatine can be used to help boost your anaerobic energy systems (think high intensity) 2 - This boost to your anaerobic system in turn boosts your worko