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    Going Out (of your Minds) • Hard News • Blood Pressure • CARES Act • Fringe Report • Facts v. Feels!

    for Today: * Hard News* High Blood Pressure* CDC and WHO* The CARES Act* Crime Decriminalized* Fringe Report* Celebrity Cope* Facts v Feelings You don't have to agree with me and I certinly won't agrree with you , but we can talk about what people are talking about and figure it out for ourselves without being dicks , right? #coronavirus #coronachan #hardnews #hypertension #CDC #WHO #CARES #crime #deferredarrest #fringenews #celebritycope #covidsalt #facts #feelings #quarantine #isolation #mentalhealth #dontbeadick

  2. How to Get Your Stimulus Check - Opportunity with Kelly Elle

    Want to understand the benefits available in the Stimulus Package? Want to know how to get money for your Small Business? Want to know whether to file for unemployment and how much extra money you will receive? Want to know how much money you will be getting in a Stimulus Check? I reviewed the 880 pages of this bill , and as an Attorney I explain the in's and out's in an easy to understand way . . . .