1. A Life Coach For Dogs And Their Celebrity Owners!

    Rumble — All relationships take work . Romantic partnerships get the lion's share of the attention , but this story is all about a woman who has focused her life on helping people develop healthy , happy relationships with two types of non-romantic partners: their pet dogs , first , but also themselves . Tamar Geller found herself called to work with dogs while on a self-reflection trip in the desert . . .

    • 2020-08-14 13:20
  2. The World Is A Lie We Have Been Brainwashed Since Birth #Incels/#BlackPill/#ForeverAlone/#Doomer

    So many lies , lies on top of lies we must undo the conditioning and expose the lies . The truth will win in the end , Flat Earth is just common sense when you really think about it . . Take the blinders off , think for yourself and Take the Red Pill . Use your brain that's what it is meant for to be used . I'm just here to get you started on your Truth Seeking Journey down the Rabbit Hole . This lie has b . . .

    • 2020-08-14 02:36
  3. #Incel/#TFL/True Forced Loneliness/#BlackPill/#ForeverAlone - The World Is Against Me I Don't Get It

    I'll never understand why I was put in this situation where no one wants me and treats me like shit . The world the universe some force some evil force doesn't want me to succeed it is against me . . That's truly what it feels like , I'll never have a family or kids none of that beautiful stuff that every man deserves and desires . I guess I deserve to die alone and be miserable . Why even try? What's t . . .

    • 2020-08-14 00:42
  4. Why The Comic Crossed The Line - Blackbird9

    Welcome to Blackbird9's Breakfast Club's Wednesday Podcast , Why The Comic Crossed The Line . Tonight we examined the history of Weaponized Comedy . https://www . blackbird9tradingposts . org/2020/08/12/why-the-comic-crossed-the-line-blackbird9/ In the First Hour we cover the chaotic events brought on by the teachings of the Frankfurt School Marxists . Their mission has always been to establish a Greater . . .

    • 2020-08-13 18:23
  5. Ellen Show DJ Opens Up

    Rumble / Entertainment Life — Stephen " tWitch " Boss has been the DJ on " The Ellen DeGeneres Show " since 2014 . Boss addressed allegations from some employees about a toxic work environment at the long-running talk show . CNN reports that Boss made a brief statement to US Weekly . " We can't speak too much

    • 2020-08-12 14:58