Final Fantasy Tactics Any% (No Math Skill) AGDQ 2019 Submission (formerly AGDQ 2018 Submission)

Runner: Claude Run Length: 4-20-36 Personal Best (as of this upload): 4-20-36 Fastest Known Time (as of this upload): 4-20-36 Marathon Setting Estimate : 4-40-00 A few notes this run: 1. This category bans the use of the Calculator skillset " Math Skill " , which trivializes the game by allowing you to instantly cast Black Magic , White Magic , Time Magic , and Yin-Yang Magic on multiple targets for 0 MP. 2. I wanted to add some additional information that wasn't covered in the commentary in the right sidebar (which is why it remains blank) , but ran out of time due to dumb rendering issues , and als