Hand of Fatima

CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS IN HENNA OR DON’T CALL MY WORK MOROCCAN~ (I couldn’t choose so two titles this time) Many times my Henna work is mistaken for Moroccan in terms of style. (I’m of mixed heritage Dutch and Moroccan) And yes there are some of my designs that are traditional Moroccan if you want to know which ones exactly , read my captions and read my tags...if it says #fessi or #authentic #moroccanstyle or #taqlidia .....then and ONLY then the design can be identified as Moroccan. All my other work , check captions and hashtags again...if it says something like #signaturestyle or #fatimasfessifusion or #crazydesigns i can tell you those are NOT Moroccan ( even though it may look Moroccan to you , it is not and i’m an expert l😜l , i am tho) So read and learn ! Through my Henna Art