Hasan Rizvi

NO MORE LIES ! like many others I've grown up watching Oprah Winfrey Jimmyfallon.com and ofcourse Ellen DeGeneres. Each one of them over the years brought about a revolution. They entertained their hearts out. Here is the start of an epic journey. I'd specially like to thank Clear & maestro Wajahatrauf Wajahat for pushing me. The amazing teams at CVirus and @nabilasaloon. The superstars that made it so easy. Don't forget to watch and would appreciate your feedback. #zerolieswithhasanrizvi #clear #itstimetoswitch #hasanrizvi #zerolieszerodandruff MehwishHayat Azzfar Rehman SanaJaved Official @zaranoorabbas Asad Siddiqui @bilalashraf