Heather Peterson Lockhart

Good day and I LOVE YOU ! I'm UP and I'm SHARING #LOVE ! The Human is DESIGNED TO THRIVE ! If you are injured or have been diagnosed with a disease , KNOW you can HEAL ! We can #ReduceThePollutants coming into our Beautiful vessels and allow our bodies to THRIVE as they were intended. This is not the first time I have HEALED myself from something doctors told me I would need surgery for. I've also healed my spine , twice. I healed my right ovary and my left eye. I have healed myself from a #Candida imbalance that doctors just say is " just part of Being Human " . I have healed from a chronic #anxiety disorder that doctors also said was " just part of Being Human " . One time I swallowed a quarter , on accident of course. I simply meditated it out of my body. I have helped others HEAL their ovaries , lun